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Dunsland Cross Wind Farm

Welcome to the Dunsland Cross Wind Farm networking site. The aim of this site is to keep you informed about Bolsterstone's proposal to build three wind turbines at Dunsland Cross next to the village of Brandis Corner.

Since May 2008 we have been active within the local community distributing our Community Newsletters and gathering information. Copies of our newsletters are posted on this site and they explain who we are and what we are trying to achieve. A review of all the documents posted will give you access to information, which might not be included in the actual development proposal.

If you wish to make any comments about this proposal please use our contact page to send an email.

Other groups fighting Bolsterstone wind farm proposals

Bolsterstone initially entered the wind farm scene a few years ago with the intention of developing about 10 sites in England and Scotland.  It boasted about the way the locations had been carefully selected through a progressive screening process so that only the best quality sites would be progressed.

Five of these projects have now bitten the dust and the companies set up for them have been dissolved.  They did not even reach the application stage.  They are Brixworth, Great Cransley, Fletchertown, Aston and Woodland.

It seems that the careful, progressive screening process was nothing of the sort.  The Woodland site in County Durham, for example, was found to be riddled with underground mine shafts.

Seven other wind farm projects are still active and the status of these is shown below:

Fewcott with Ardley (Oxfordshire)

Status:  Stalemate.  This 4-turbine scheme was permitted on Appeal after a unanimous rejection by Cherwell DC Plans Committee.  Despite having gained consent more than three years ago, no wind farm has yet been built because there is an interference problem with the radar at London Oxford Airport.  As a result the LPA refused to discharge the relevant condition and Bolsterstone appealed that refusal.  The Inspector ruled that since there was no known technological solution to the problem at the present time, the discharging of the condition could not be allowed until there was one.  Arguments now centre on the time limit of the permission originally granted.

Reeves Hill (Herefordshire & Powys)

Status:  Stalemate.  In this two-council determination Herefordshire has finally granted permission for this 4-turbine scheme after the Secretary of State had returned the application undetermined.  It appears that Powys would not grant permission for access to the site via Powys roads so the developer applied for new site entrances to be created in Herefordshire and the council approved the application.  But this approval was the subject of a legal challenge by SHCG, the opposition group, and Herefordshire will now revoke this permission as a result. The situation remains unresolved.

Opposition Group:

Newlands, Cumwhinton (Carlisle)

Status:  Refused.  Initial 3-turbine application rejected by Carlisle CC.  Appeal rejected at Public Inquiry.  Two separate applications re-submitted, one for two turbines, one for a single turbine (with the likely intention of adding a second at a later date - the on-site track layout is the same for both schemes).  Bolsterstone appealed the single-turbine refusal and lost again, for exactly the same reason as it lost the first appeal (turbine would be dominant and overbearing at the nearest property).

Opposition Group:

Hawton, Newark (Nottinghamshire)

Status:  Undetermined.  The original application for 3 x 126.5m turbines was refused by South Newark and Sherwood District Council.  Bolsterstone appealed and a Public Inquiry was held but it was recovered by the Secretary of State for his own determination.  The decision is still awaited.

Opposition Group:  South Newark Opposes Wind Turbines (SNOW)

Corbanchory Farm, near Alford, Aberdeenshire

Status:  Permission for anemometer granted.  Application for turbines in preparation.

There is possibly one other project under consideration at Thornhill in Stirling, Scotland.

Gateridge Farm, Croughton (South Northamptonshire)

Status:  Permission granted for anemometer.  Screening Opinion given for 2 x 130m turbines.  Full application in preparation.