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Dunsland Cross Wind Farm

Welcome to the Dunsland Cross Wind Farm networking site. The aim of this site is to keep you informed about Bolsterstone's proposal to build three wind turbines at Dunsland Cross next to the village of Brandis Corner.

Since May 2008 we have been active within the local community distributing our Community Newsletters and gathering information. Copies of our newsletters are posted on this site and they explain who we are and what we are trying to achieve. A review of all the documents posted will give you access to information, which might not be included in the actual development proposal.

If you wish to make any comments about this proposal please use our contact page to send an email.

October 2010 - Wind and noise monitoring begins

In June 2010 Torridge District Council granted permission for a 60 metres tall anemometer mast to be erected on site for a period of three years.  The meeting was farcical and DTOG is considering making representations to the Ombudsman.

The anemometer was erected on 6th October and is now giving everyone the chance to see just how large the turbines, at approximately twice the height, will be.

Arcus, acting for Bolsterstone, is seeking locations around the site to place microphones with the intention of starting to measure background noise levels in the third week of the month.