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The 2009 DTOG Objection Report

The 2009 DTOG Objection Report was submitted to Torridge District Council on Thursday 22nd January, 2009 and was published on the TDC website the following day. It comprises 311 pages across 14 sections and 6 appendices.

Other opposition groups, particularly those fighting Bolsterstone, are welcome to use as much or as little of the report as they wish, but it is recommended that they drop DTOG a quick email to say which sections are going to be used before doing so. This is because additional information is coming in all the time and it is important to keep the material as up-to-date as possible.

NB. Some of the pdf files below are very large and will take up to two minutes to load, even on a broadband connection. Be patient, don't be dismayed by a blank grey screen, the text will appear eventually!


Introduction, including Non-Technical Summary, List of Policies & List of Contents


Section 1: Relevant Background Information


Section 2: Choice of Site and Layout of Turbines


Section 3: Misleading Claims


Section 4: Impact on Wildlife, Ecology and Biodiversity


Section 5: Noise and Health Concerns


Section 6: Safety Considerations


Section 7: Tourism


Section 8: Archeology


Section 9: House Prices


Section 10: TV Reception


Section 11: Aviation Issues


Section 12: Public Consultation


Section 13: Litigation


Section 14: Conclusion


Appendix A: Wildlife Report


Appendix AA: Helen D Shaw Bat Surveys


Appendices B, C, D, E & F: Includes Wind Data and Independent Acoustician's Report 


DTOG Report Erratum